Looking Forward

We hope to start the oncology discussions in the near future but we do not have a confirmed appointment. We will probably post about this meeting after we have had it, so please don't ask when it is. All "good" things come to those who wait. We need to privately digest the information from the oncologists before we tell you.

We had intended to set this blog up during the week after the biopsy but events (I kept thinking of that song "there's a hole in my bucket, Dear Liza") interfered. People have had to be told earlier than we intended, and please do not be offended if you weren't. We've set this up so we continue life as though my body wasn't misbehaving, so our family are treated normally.

It's been tough for all of us: Peter, me, James, Jean and Hugh, to deal with the constant barrage of unpalatable news (apart from the glorious day they told us the stomach pinhole had gone), but we're all ok, although I do wish some of the phlebotomists would stop treating me as their personal pincushion.

My plea to you is to treat me and my family normally; not to give Peter any more junk to fill the house whilst I'm not watching; and to use this blog for information gathering so you don't need to consult the horse's mouth. I'm better with texts and emails.

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