Spontaneous has a multitude of meanings

Tuesday the 11th, we went in for the liver biopsy - an hour long procedure with a 4 to 6 hour recovery. Managed two hours recovery on my side, was invited to roll on my back, and there was mention of food (did I forget to say it was nil by mouth since the previous night) coming soon. What did come was a parody of hospital films - horrible, evil pain, rather erratic things happening on the screen, a room full of every sort of health professionals helping to shovel me in the scan machine.

I guess I've a different body. My stomach had a wee diverticulum which for some reason decided to spring a life threatening pinhole sized leak. Officially it is called 'spontaneous peritonitis'. The two possible treatments: an operation to patch the hole, or a conservative treatment of a week of nil by mouth and drip with antibiotics, various potions and no food with the glorious stomach drain which made me look like a rabbit.I went for the latter.

I'm now cured of holes in stomach and eating normally, and I'm home. They have me on a high protein low fat diet to stop the weight loss. (fortisip....sigh).

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