Preliminary diagnosis

Anyway, after they'd found it wasn't a heart attack they went exploring. There were two schools of thought - an unhappy gallbladder from too much naughty delicious food, or a more unpleasant one.

As it happens, I was to have gone to the GP the 8th September as I'd lost a lot of weight (not an inch off the front, not in any of the places that would be acceptable), and I was very tired.

After a subsequent scan two weeks later, in September, we were advised on the not so palatable news that I probably had cancer, primary in the gallbladder, metatases (good tongue twister) in the liver. This, combined with the fact I already have progressing PSC (primary sclerosing cholangitis), means the cancer is inoperable.

All they needed was a liver biopsy to confirm (which it has).

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