Visiting Notes

In general Sheena will compose the posts to the blog. Her prose is so much better that I can compose. However, I feel the need to communicate some 'rules' so that life is better for Sheena. Here goes, as Sheena's welfare is the priority.

Sheena likes people, visits and other contact. Individually these are fine, but we are finding that the cumulative effect of many visits and phone calls is very exhausting for her. She likes emails and messages, and she will generally acknowledge them, but may not give a detailed or long response. The purpose of this blog is to communicate the general details.

Phone calls and visits are time and effort consuming. Each one is fine on its own, but lots of them are causing her problems, so please limit this. I may need to ban or screen them at some stage. We are not trying to reject you all, but to ensure that Sheena remains well.

Offers of help are great and welcome. We know you all mean well. Unfortunately no-one can provide the 'magic wand' to achieve the one thing most needed. Also, there is a lot of effort needed to organize things needed, so this distracts from the benefit.

Offers of meals are welcome, but Sheena has some specific diet requirements; mostly things she should not eat like fatty/oily items or high roughage. I need to clarify the details of this later. Some meals we have received have been frozen and will get used later.

Hugh looks after this blog system. He has set up a provision for notifications when a new entry is put in. Just put in your email address in the subscription panel shown at the bottom of each post. You only need to do this once, and then you will get an email message within the next day when a new entry is added.

I will add or amend this information if and as required. Let me know if it needs any clarification.


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