Post chemo happenings

Well, Sheena had her first chemo treatment on Wednesday 9 Nov. Start at 8 am and finished at 5 pm. There was a drip running for most, if not all, of this time. It was mostly to replenish fluids but the active drugs were included. She slept for much of the time and the quiet time gave her lots of rest. That was beneficial.

As a part of the chemotherapy we were told that immunity is reduced and we were instructed to monitor temperatures in case of infection. On Sunday evening, Sheena's temperature reached the 38 C that is the trigger point, and Sheena went to hospital for a dose of antibiotics.

The doctors had just decided to keep her in overnight for treatment and observation when the large earthquake struck. Wellington Hospital buildings are one of the safest places to be in such events.

Sheena has now been there for two whole days and still has an elevated temperature. She sleeps most of the time which is restful and better for recovery. The next scheduled chemo for Wednesday has been postponed until the infection is dealt with.
No visitors while she is in hospital and limit visits and phone once she is back home. Try text or email which she can access at the hospital.

I will report on progress until Sheena is back home with access to the computer to do it herself.

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