Riding the waves

Sheena has been in hospital since late Sunday evening. She got to experience the large earthquake very early Monday in the hospital building. As she is still there she gets to experience the large aftershocks through the base isolation system present in that building. It is certainly the safest place to be both for physical and medical issues.

While I am spending much of my time with Sheena, I am also fitting in some inspections of buildings in Wellington. I am restricting this to existing clients and the buildings that I have been involved with. Conveniently some are in Newtown, so I have been able to walk to them from the hospital.

Sheena was somewhat better on Wednesday to the extent that she could concentrate and was reading her Kindle, although I understand it was not high class literature. However her temperature was still fluctuating and she was still being given antibiotics.

A PICC line (Peripherally Inserted Central Catheter) had been inserted for the chemo treatment. This was to save being made a 'pin-cushion' for drip medications and blood samples. Unfortunately this developed a blockage that only allowed one-way flow: in only, with out blocked by a supposed flap within the vein. A bit like a stormwater drain with a flap to prevent backflow when discharging to a tidal area This meant blood samples had to be taken with a new puncture by a needle. This situation was dealt with on Thursday afternoon by medication and flushing and the PICC line will now flow both ways which is a relief for Sheena.

With a new blood sample taken later on Thursday that showed her red cell count was low, she was given a boost of blood for this. Thanks to all those that have donated blood. She is still being given antibiotics and saline fluids to keep her hydrated.

There will be no further chemo treatment until the current infection is dealt with, and this will then be re-evaluated.

My apologies that my prose is not as good as that created by Sheena. As an engineer I concentrate of facts. I will go to the hospital soon and can provide a further update after that. Hopefully Sheena will be home soon and will be able to report for herself.

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