Another week gone by

I have spent much of the weekend with Sheena at the hospital. She has been there for a whole week now, and still experiences fluctuations in temperature. At times it is 38 C then reduces to 'normal' before climbing again. In general she seems to be getting better - at least she considered that my jersey needed a wash, so is taking an interest in things about her. The rest in hospital has been good for her.

The comment from the doctors is that elevated temperatures shortly after having chemo is considered a medical emergency and needs immediate attention. The blood cultures that were taken have so far come up without positive indications of infection. They are still brewing as to reach a negative result takes some time to complete. X-rays taken on Saturday afternoon do not show any further problems.

So it now appears the temperature fluctuations are likely a result of the cancer rather than infection following the chemo. This may result in a release from institutionalization. I will keep you all informed.

A consequence of being in hospital was she missed participating in the celebration of the engagement of Adelle and Hugh on Saturday. On Sunday, Sheena got to look at the photos taken of this event.

On Sunday afternoon, Sheena went for a trip in the lift down to the entrance level and a brief trip outside into the sunshine. She was not keen to use the stairs, but said she would try the next day.

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