home again

Well I actually arrived home midday Wednesday the 23rd. Slight problems finding husband as he'd gone out to do some site checks and wasn't responding to his phone - which turned out to be that his phone was sitting on the dining table at home.

I was supposed to put up a post on Wednesday, and on Thursday, so here I am Friday finally writing.

The hospital episode was interesting. I was doped up with all sorts of antibiotics, blood transfusions, stuff to get my calcium levels down, various x rays and scans, and in the end, no-one knows exactly what caused the infection, but the infection has gone. The best way of getting my temperature down was the lemonade iceblocks in my opinion - the other methods used weren't quite so pleasant.

I'm now on some steroids, forgotten the reason why, but it's keeping Peter happy because I was hardly eating before. Just for the week, then I return for a family meeting with the oncologists to discuss whether or not we resume the chemo, given it had such a nasty effect on me.

I'm a lazyboy,sofa,sunroom dweller with book and radio again. Of course I'm sleeping all through the day as well, along with my faithful furry friends, Cocoa and Ada.

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