Feline Frolics

On Wednesday this week, the 7th, Jean and I were visited by the occupational therapist to assist in my mobility. The lady was lovely. Jean dobbed me in with things I shouldn't do, and the result has been really helpful. I've had advice of lifting chairs, adding cushions to other chairs so I can get out of them, perching stool (imagine a pigeon and me) and plenty of advice on how to move safely through the house at night when everyone is asleep. As well as comments of where I supposedly can't walk safely on the section outside. (sigh).

Night safety is of course about visibility. The lady was worried I didn't wear my glasses. Of course I assured her, always. She had much to say about not putting on lights when walking on the corridor - well I've got good night vision, and if there's lights on in side rooms of course I can see.

She also said that I had to always ask for help particularly if I didn't want to do a task - all about keeping me happy.

Which leads me to feline frolics. It so happened the previous day Jean had had a wee bit of retail therapy and purchased some catnip and toys. Leastwise I thought it was toys. I hadn't examined the purchase(s) in detail, just seen some excited activity in the sitting room with a yellow toy.

I was having a nocturnal wander down the hall,and quite able to see clearly with just one room light. I noticed a new toy on the hall floor, and thought to myself, "what a big toy". It is a relief I didn't stand on the big toy, because when the laundry light went on, there was a very large, recently deceased rat, with two cats showing a lot of interest in said rat! Well, moving rats don't make me happy, so it was good I was able to wake Peter. Even better to notice that Ada got so excited while he was cleaning up the rat, Ada was just a wee bit unwell into Peter's ancient shoe. Clean shoe, clean floor, happy Sheena, not sure about Peter's happiness on this matter.

We now have a new "keep out the cats in a hurry" cat door. And I'm happy!

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