baby spoons

Well, on the 14th, the occupational therapist and the hospice nurse were to visit. I think they plotted their plans, and the hospice nurse was the only visitor. Hence, I am now the proud possessor of a zimmer frame, a wheelchair, and instructions to use them!

Also, after some discussion, I have been started on low dose morphine to assist with my breathing (I thought the asthma was out of control, but alas no), and some help with discomfort on my side. Hence we had to find the baby spoon to find a small enough dose. Quite takes you back to my three small babies.

In addition, I'm now in a raised lazy boy as it was becoming difficult to get out of.

This is all to make me safe - and also to save the belt loops on my jeans because that's how a friend lifted me out of chair on Monday.

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