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The aim of all these disability tools is that I, in particular, am safe. Of course I am! It wasn't me trying to get the toaster out from a low cupboard the other morning so I could make a wee midnight feast. It was not me who overbalanced with...ahem a toaster on a tray. It was not me spread eagled on the kitchen floor on my back with two felines suggesting it might be breakfast time. Fortunately after great thought I slid on my back across the floor and got up the step ladder, from where I departed hysterically to one very kind sleeping husband. He even made me toast in bed - never an allowable activity because you might get crumbs in the bed. No injuries,but pride.

Speaking of crumbs, I have this wonderful wheat pack I made years ago filled with bird seed which I use all the time. It got wet the other night so we zapped it for 4 minutes in the microwave and it dried nicely. I was strolling into the dining room yesterday morning, ready for another zapping spree with it, when suddenly we noticed rather a lot of burnt bird food. I'd burnt rather a lot of holes in the bag and bird seed was pouring out of every hole. Peter was forced to have a bit of a clean up and I suspect there was bird food in the bed too! (speaking of crumbs). Jean and I were a bit naughty because this was Monday the 20th so we left if for our lovely cleaner on the next day. I understand there was bird seed well travelled and he did a great job.

Jean has now made me a new wheat bag filled with rice, and it's pretty fabric too.

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