An adventure

We had an adventure on Wednesday the 21st. I had cracked the interior of a crown of a dead crowned tooth and I didn't like feeling it all the time so I'd organised with my dentist - who works on the corner of Willis and Boulcott Street - that I could use the disabled access through the pub adjoining the dentist. Clever I thought. So I got in the car at home, got out of the car in Willis street, got in the dentist's chair,got out of the dentist's chair, and then was moving so well I said I'd be able to walk to the car parked in Boulcott Street,up a hill.I got into the car easily too. So, driving home through Kelburn I knew I was going to be fine. Got home, I couldn't get out of the car. Jean and Trixie tried, I couldn't get out of the car. Enlisted the help of Sue who was gardening at the time. Couldn't get out of the car. Sent for our builder friend Neil across the road,couldn't get out of the car. By this time I was hysterical. My rellies rang the ambulance.

Whilst waiting, Jean organised tea, I had to wait half an hour - so we all sat in the sun. Very convivial.

Three paramedics arrived, eyed my clothing up, and said we were going to use my belt loops! Feet perpendicular to the pavement big hug with him hoisting me up with my belt loops. Simple soiution.

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