A trip out

So Christmas and New year have been and gone. Sheena was very pleased that she had to get a 2017 diary to fill in dates and appointments. When this all started she did not think she was going to need one.
She has had many friends and relations visiting. Sheena really likes to see people but is exhausted afterwards. Jean is acting as a dragon guard to ensure it is not too much. But she has been getting more run-down as time goes by and hence why I am composing this instead of Sheena doing it herself.
She had started having some morphine to help with the pain and breathing. These are not high doses, but recently she has started to talk a bit funny so I wondered if she was getting hold of something else to take. She was also sleeping a bit more and we all put that down to progression of the cancer.
On Monday, after sleeping in the lazy-boy chair, she could not get up to get into bed to sleep a bit more. With Robyn, James, Jean and myself to help her it was not going to happen. So Jean drew on here recent experience of getting Sheena out of the car and called for reinforcements. The ambulance people were wonderful and knew how to move her. They then carried out an assessment of her general condition to find low blood pressure. She was very weak, so after consultation with the hospice, it was decided that Wellington Hospital was the place to go in order to do a more thorough assessment. Hence the trip out in the ambulance for Sheena and Peter.
Being in hospital on 2 January when most people are away is interesting. Obviously staff were in short supply, but the place operates round the clock and year. A blood test revealed a very high level of calcium. We had faced this before but not so severe. The symptoms include lethargy and mental confusion. Certainly consistent with what we had been seeing in Sheena's behavior. I will have to stop her chewing the chicken bones. Treatment is to hydrate Sheena and give her some drugs to correct it. It will likely take a few days in hospital.
While Sheena is in hospital, there can be limited visiting to give her time to recover. I will keep the blog going to inform of progress.

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