Smoking not allowed

A stay in a public hospital can be interesting. Sheena has now been there from Monday to Friday. As is usual for a public health system, the medical treatment is very good, but the accommodation cannot be seen as 'star' rated.

Sheena got to share a room with another patient, and the rooms are such that privacy of conversations is non existent, particularly with noisy occupants. So the lung cancer diagnosis for the room-mate was very obvious. This patient would go out to have a fag, and her relatives, all from Wainuiomata, would encourage and aid this endeavor. Mobility was also an issue so getting out needed these assistants to push the wheelchair. There is rarely a single issue so after a diabetic attack, the staff strongly advised the 'fag' trips should stop and this was obviously not to her liking.

During a period when Sheena was being watched over, Jean left the room briefly. When she returned, Jean found the whole ward had a smell of cigarette smoke, and all the staff were there to deal to the problem. The lung cancer patient had lit up while in bed. Jean found this entertaining - a bit like 'soaps' on TV. As a result, the staff confiscated the cigarettes and lighter. Sheena was distressed by it all, so she was then moved to another room to have some quiet time and be allowed to rest. Certainly it is now more pleasant for Sheena.

The medical treatment for Sheena has continued. The high calcium level has been reduced a little, but not enough. It is a fight between the cancer related hormones leaching Ca from her bones and the drugs to purge it from the blood. It is clear from this and other indications that the journey is nearly at an end for Sheena. The morphine dose has been increased and she is comfortable. She sleeps a lot but is sometimes confused by what is going on. She has asked there be no more visitors other than immediate family. Sheena has been generally cheerful through most of this.

I will let you all know as this progresses.

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