Rest for the weary

For the last few days, Sheena has been slowly deteriorating as her bodily system closes down. We have maintained a vigil and tried to keep someone with her most of the time. However we all must eat and we all get tired. I have been at the hospital much of the time. James, Jean, Hugh and sister Robyn being at Sheena's side as well. Jean tells me that I need to have exercise and she watches Sheena while I go out for walks. I have used my Gold card to get a bus to another part of the city for a walk, then a bus back. I have generally gone home for the evening meal before going back to the hospital. Also late at night I have gone home for the rest and to recuperate for the next day. I have been weary.

Sunday evening after the meal, I went back to be with Sheena. Given her condition, I was prepared to stay through the night. The breathing was regular but her legs and arms were getting cold. I was not looking at the clock, but about 23:20 Sheena stopped breathing, had a very weak pulse, took a last breath then stopped. It was calm and the stress she has been under for a while is gone. She looked peaceful. Robyn, James and Jean came to the hospital to be with Sheena for a final time.

I am back home to type this. I will now get some rest with what is left of the night. Later this morning I need to organize things, and the details will be announced later.

I so miss Sheena. She was so good at getting things done, it would all be sorted in a jiffy.

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