The final farewell

This is the last step in this journey for Sheena. The funeral service is to celebrate her full and varied life and allow all her relatives and friends to participate. This will be at St John's in the city church, on the corner of Willis and Dixon Streets, Wellington, at 2pm Thursday 12 January 2017. This will be followed by a private cremation for the immediate family. These details will also be in the Wellington and Hawke's Bay newspapers on Wednesday.

As this event was anticipated once the prognosis was known last year, in true Sheena style, she was involved in the overview planning. Naturally the date and some details could not be planned at that stage. Sheena and I discussed together what she would like, and then had further discussions with the church. Over the years, Sheena had attended many funerals and she knew what she did not want, and what she liked. We have tried to meet those specifications.

All along, Sheena has wanted to be treated 'normally as if not ill' as she thought that being morbid was negative. Hence the tone of many of these blog entries. She wanted to be positive in spite of what we knew was going to happen. She was cheerful to the end. Without Sheena here, there is a big void for me, as I would think there is for many people. Sheena would want us to be cheerful and move on.

I hope to see many friends and relations at this celebration of Sheena's life.

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